Using a thoughtful and disciplined approach to make your money work for you in the best possible way  – both for cash flow today and growth for future financial security.


Making sure your most valuable asset (you!), your loved ones and your financial future are adequately protected and securitized in case of life’s unexpected interruptions.

Consideration of life insurance, mortgage insurance, critical illness, disability and travel insurance.


Mitigating risks associated with owning your own business and strategizing succession plans for maximum tax efficiency and reducing liabilities.

Providing employee group Health & Dental Plans and Health & Welfare Trusts/Private Health Services Plans.


Maximizing income in an organized and thoughtful way to match your lifestyle and retirement pursuits.

Ensuring that you can achieve financial independence and prosperity and time appropriate decumulation of RRSP’s, TFSA’S , RDSPs and individual pension plans.


Ensuring everything you have worked hard for is efficiently distributed according to your wishes, creating a lasting legacy to loved ones or charitable organizations of your choice.


Our work is holistically based on the “whole-person concept”, where we look at your financial health & wellness while keeping the other areas of your life in mind.  These other areas may include your physical, emotional, spiritual and pychological well being.

The Financial Tree illustrates the comprehensive areas we address when working with clients.

A healthy Financial Tree will produce sustainable financial fruit for tomorrow and beyond.

Starting below ground, we work with our clients to identify unseen money beliefs (the tree roots), establish a stable foundation of sustainable cash flow to fund today’s needs (the tree trunk), and then address additional financial areas that impact your total well-being for future needs (the tree branches).
Financial literacy and fluency are a cornerstone of our relationship with you enabling us to custom prune the branches for your specific situation. You are empowered to make informed decisions about your situation with strategies and solutions customized to your needs.
The result is a tailor-made financial tree that reflects your hopes, dreams and goals.  A thoughtful and strategic process produces a flourishing financial tree with healthy leaves and sustainable financial fruit. This is the fruit upon which you can enjoy a worry-free retirement and beyond.


“I met Nancy the year my husband had died. I was thinking about an early retirement but I didn’t know how to make it work. Nancy really ” got me ”  –  she took time to understand what was important to me and provided some very creative solutions. She gave me confidence and peace of mind. I highly recommend her services.”

Marion W Semi-Retired Registered Nurse
Marion W

“I was referred to Nancy for financial consultation. Nancy’s knowledge of financial Instruments, networking, tax laws and shelters has resulted in a portfolio that has positioned me to retire with the confidence of income and tax benefits upon death.”

Ted O.  Retired Social Worker
Ted O.

“My husband and I had never embarked on working with a financial advisor prior to working with Nancy. We had a lot of hesitation and reservations about what the whole process might look like. Upon meeting Nancy- she made us feel super comfortable and at ease.

Since working with her, our finances have shifted dramatically and, still, we feel totally at ease being upfront about whatever our current situation is and she continues to deliver appropriate helpful advise no matter the income level.

She has transformed our approach to our finances and opened our eyes to what possibilities are available to us now and in the future and helped us plan to make those possibilities a reality.”

Elizabeth D. Lead, Clothing Design Firm
Elizabeth D.

“Nancy was superb to work with – she was quick to respond, empathetic with my needs, offered insurance options without bias and put my interests first.

Specifically, Nancy helped put together an incredible insurance arrangement for my business. I’d recommend her and Plumtree’s services to anyone looking for to fulfill their insurance or wealth management needs!”

Hussein K. Consultant & Entrepreneur
Hussein K.

“When I was trying to get disability insurance, Nancy was more than just my financial advisor. She was my advocate.   In the end, she got me a great disability policy under circumstances where most others would have been declined. Thanks, Nancy!”

David M. Lawyer
David M.