Insurance Planning

For young families, making sure your family is financially protected can be overwhelming, especially since there’s so much information floating online.

The 4 areas of personal insurance a young family should take care of are:

• Health

• Disability

• Critical Illness

• Life Insurance


We are so fortunate to live in Canada, where the healthcare system pays for basic healthcare services for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. However, not everything healthcare related is covered, in reality, 30% of our health costs* are paid for out of pocket or through private insurance such as prescription medication, dental, prescription glasses, physiotherapy, etc.. Moreover, if you travel outside of Canada, medical emergencies can be extremely expensive.


Most people spend money on protecting their home and car, but many overlook protecting their greatest asset: their ability to earn income. Unfortunately, one in three people on average will be disabled for 90 days or more at least once before age 65. Disability insurance can provide you with a portion of your income if you were to become disabled and unable to earn an income.

Critical Illness

For a lot of us, the idea of experiencing a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer can seem unlikely, but almost 3 in 4 (73%) working Canadians know someone who experience a serious illness. Sadly, this can have serious consequences on you and your family, with Critical Illness insurance, provides a lump sum payment so you can focus on your recovery.


For young families, if your loved ones depend on you for financial support, then life insurance is absolutely necessary because it replaces your income, pays off your debts and provides peace of mind.

How We Work Together


Let’s talk about what matters most to you.  Your dreams and goals. 



We craft a customized plan for you.



Enjoy the benefits of financial wellness.

Nancy has been very supportive in helping me identify the types of life and travel insurance plans I needed. She would provide me with optimal packages available tailored to my requirements and budget. She is very responsive whenever I have questions or any concerns during the process of my applications and beyond.

After meeting with multiple brokers from various companies, I found Nancy the most sincere and compassionate to help me with my needs. I felt at ease, without being pressured to make firm decisions on how my money will grow and benefit. The support is much appreciated!

Lynden F.


When I was trying to get disability insurance, Nancy was more than just my financial advisor. She was my advocate.   In the end, she got me a great disability policy under circumstances where most others would have been declined. Thanks, Nancy!

David M.


Nancy was superb to work with – she was quick to respond, empathetic with my needs, offered insurance options without bias and put my interests first.

Specifically, Nancy helped put together an incredible insurance arrangement for my business. I’d recommend her and Plumtree’s services to anyone looking for to fulfill their insurance or wealth management needs!

Hussein K.

Consultant & Entrepreneur

Family Finance Guide

The Plumtree financial guide is an excellent way to start making robust financial decisions. We outline how to put together a solid plan and help you get on track to financial health and wellness.


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