Financial Strategies for Business Owners

Financial strategies for business owners are often two-sided: personal and business.

Business owners have access to a lot of financial tools that employees don’t have access to; this is a great advantage, however, it can be overwhelming too. A  Plumtree Wealth strategy can relieve this.

Our strategy looks at where you are today and where you want to go. It determines your short, medium and long-term financial goals and how you can reach them. For you, personally and for your business.

Why do you need a Plumtree Wealth Strategy?

• Worry less about money and gain control.

• Organize your finances.

• Prioritize your goals.

• Focus on the big picture.

• Save money to reach your goals.

For a business owner, personal and business finances are connected. Therefore both sides should be addressed: Personal and Business.

What does a Financial Strategy for a Business include?

There are 2 main sides your business financial strategy should address:


• Cash Management- Managing Cash & Debt

• Tax Planning- Finding tax efficiencies

• Retaining & Attracting Key Talent


• Investment- either back into the business or outside of the business

• Insurance Planning/Risk Management

• Succession/Exit Planning

What does a Personal Financial Strategy include?

There are 2 main sides your financial strategy should address:


• Cash Management – Savings and Debt

• Tax Planning

• Investments


• Insurance Planning

• Health Insurance

• Estate Planning

Next steps…

Talk to us about helping you get your finances in order so you can achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.

Feel confident in knowing you have a plan to get to your goals.

How We Work Together


Let’s talk about what matters most to you.  Your dreams and goals. 



We craft a customized plan for you.



Enjoy the benefits of financial wellness.

Nancy was superb to work with – she was quick to respond, empathetic with my needs, offered insurance options without bias and put my interests first.

Specifically, Nancy helped put together an incredible insurance arrangement for my business. I’d recommend her and Plumtree’s services to anyone looking for to fulfill their insurance or wealth management needs!

Hussein K.

Consultant & Entrepreneur

Family Finance Guide

The Plumtree financial guide is an excellent way to start making robust financial decisions. We outline how to put together a solid plan and help you get on track to financial health and wellness.


Financial Health & Wellness.